Reading on my commute

Reading is something I love doing. If I could, I would love to sit down comfortably at home at least 1-2 hours each day to relax and read. Sadly, the reality is I don't have that much free time anymore and, even on my free time, I feel like I have "more productive" things to do like filming and editing videos for my YouTube channel; but I don't want to give up reading, I can't.

Reading on my commute has been the solution. I'm stuck on the tube and train two hours a day and it feels like a waste if I just stand there (sitting down is a priviledge) looking at strangers. 

Ideally, I would love to bring a physical book with me but my bag is usually full with everything that's always there and lunch for the day, so this is kind of impossible. Also, my bag is so heavy my arm goes numb and have to switch arms, so adding some more weight isn't what I want to do.

Reading on my iPad is something I've been doing for a while but, on rush hour, something I can't even reach my bag and pull it out. When you barely have air to breath and virtually no space around you, adding one more item doesn't feel practical at all.

Option number three is what I currently do. I have my phone out all the time anyway so, even though it's probably the worst way to read, I'm making use of the iBooks app on it. Yes, the screen is really small and I have to turn the page every 30 seconds, but I get to read for a while and that's all that matters.

pd: my commute doesn't feel like an hour long when I'm reading, so that's a huge plus.

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