Top 10 | Best movies of 2015

I’ve gone to the cinema a total of 26 times this year. I’ve obviously not managed to watch every single released movie in 2015, not even every major movie released. This list consists of my favorite 10 from the ones I’ve seen.

1. Mad Max: Fury Road

I haven’t even heard of the franchise before this movie, but after I watched the trailer I knew I was going to love it. It has a lot of action and it’s completely different from other movies. When I first watched it I remember not being able to move my eyes away from the screen, and being tense (in a good way) the whole time. It kept me interested.

2. Inside Out

I watched this twice at the cinema. I love animation and Pixar films so liking it this much wasn’t a surprise, but I didn’t expect to feel that many things, which is ironic for a movie about emotions. Again, it was a very different movie with a concept I don’t think had been done before. Pixar is known to be a great storytelling studio, so if you haven’t watched this yet, please do. You won’t regret it.

3. Sicario

I wanted to watch this for one main reason: Emily Blunt. She’s my favorite actress and I definitely didn’t want to miss this movie. It’s about trying to bring down a drug cartel in Mexico, which is not something I watch a lot of, so I was excited to see something a bit different. It was amazing, hence it being my number three.  

4. The Martian

This falls to number four simply because I liked the book more, and because the different ending wasn’t my favorite. Still, it’s a great story and I’m drawn to like things set in space. I missed some of the science the book had and it lacked some important things from the book, but Mark Watney is a very likeable astronaut and his story being stranded in Mars is one to watch.

5. Black Mass

Benedict Cumberbatch is in this movie. That’s one of the reasons I wanted to watch it, yes, but I had also been hearing so much about Johnny Depp’s brilliant performance. It was true. I’m not the biggest fan of Johnny Depp, but I was gladly surprised. Another thrilling movie, this one tells the real story of a mobster in the States. It’s quite violent, but worth watching.

6. Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens

Another one I saw twice. The anticipation for this movie was like anything I’ve seen before, and I’m glad it was good enough for me and for most people. It introduces great new characters and it brings back some old ones, so everyone’s happy. I don’t think there’s anything to say here. If you like Star Wars, you would have already seen it; if you don’t, there’s that.

7. Bridge of Spies

A lot of people don’t watch “spy movies” because they’re not that fond of action. This movie isn’t an action film. Directed by Steven Spielberg, it tells the story of a lawyer negotiating the exchange of a Soviet spy for an American pilot during the Cold War.

8. Ant-Man

I needed a superhero movie on the list, and Ant-Man was the chosen one. It’s not a superhero I was familiar with; I knew of its existence, but it never really interested me enough to know more. Marvel was able to make people care about this not so popular hero with a very enjoyable movie. I will say, Michael Peña made it even better and his character was hilarious (the whole movie was quite funny).

9. Predestination

A time travel movie based on a story by Robert A. Heinlein. If you’re a fan of the genre, the story might not be anything new to you but it’s still enjoyable and satisfying at the end. If you haven’t seen or read many time travel stories, you might be in for a mind blowing time.

10. Mr Holmes

Sir Ian McKellen stars as Sherlock Holmes in this new drama set when the detective has already retired and is trying to recall his last case. Even though it’s not the usual Holmes, the mystery still stands and I think everyone would be able to enjoy it.

What has been your top 10 this year? Are there any movies I missed you think I should watch/should have been on the list? Tell me about it!

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