The Scorch Trials | Movie vs Book & General Review


The second installment in The Maze Runner series, The Scorch Trials, is now out in the UK, and will be out in the US next week. Being a huge fan of the books for a few years, I obvioulsy had to check it out as soon as possible. I should also mention The Scorch Trials was, and still is, my favorite book, so the expectations were high.


The already changed things in the first movie, so it was expected to have a few changed as well on this one. With that said, there are many differences. Many. All over the place. 

The first part of the movie, before they get out into the Scorch, is completely different. I very much liked the way it was in the book, so I was a bit disappointed, especially because my favorite scene (metall ball head, anyone?) was not there. There's no group A-B situation with all boys + Teres and all girls + Aris. The tattoo part where they all had a "role" is also ignored, but they do happen to have tattoos. A wasted opportunity.

The plot, as you can imagine, got a lot more simple. To the point that it's just them trying to get to the Right Arm. Very basic. They still kept most of the middle stuff with Brenda though, even though I felt like that wasn't as important. In my opinion, in an attempt to reach a broader audience, it lacked personality compared to the books.


The Scorch Trials is a good post-apocalyptic movie that reminded me of some others at some points. They've tried to make it simple so more people are attracted to it, so let's see how that works for them. 

It's filled with action and you can expect some comedy moments (I'd like to "blame" Wes Ball for this, I think he's a pretty funny guy), as well as some darker moments (it is a post-apocalyptic movie after all, deaths are expected).

The cast is great. I've been a huge fan of Dylan O'Brien for years and I do consider him one of the best actors out there (I think he'll get a lot more recognition from critics in a few years, once he's not considered just a young actor) so his performance was brilliant. Thomas Brodie-Sangster is also a personal favorite, so I obvioulsy thought he was great. As a villain, Aidan Gillen does a pretty nice job as well (if you also watch Game of Thrones, you won't be able to help hating him).

I really enjoyed it as a film on itself, and I can see a lot of people liking it as well. Not sure if you can say it was amazing (because I can't help but miss those things from the book that make the series unique), but it's worth giving it a chance.


They say the word 'sh*t' a lot in the movie. I'm not sure what they were trying to do with that, but they say it a lot more than necessary. Yes, they do get surprised about things, but there are many other words that could have been used instead. I don't have a problem with the word, but it was annoyingly noticeable.

I also don't know what is up with blocking doors. I also understand people are coming after them and all, but there are at least 4 sequences where they're just blocking doors.

(update 2 hours after first publishing) Is it me or do they never say the word Scorch in the movie? From what I can remember, they don't. That would be confusing for people who haven't read the books.

If any of you are going to watch the movie, or have watched it already, you can let me know your thoughts in the comments, or over on Twitter @LuMontes.

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  1. I totally agree on the book being ignored. It could have been great but they just simplified everything leaving the plot itself uninteresting compared to the book.