Top 5 Movies of my Childhood

top 5 movies childhood

I got inspired to write this post by Jon Negroni and his podcast 'Now Conspiring'. They all shared their top 5 movies from their childhood and I enjoyed it so much, I thought I would do the same.

1. Back to the Future. I watched it when I was 6 and loved it so much it's still one of my favorites. It made me fall in love with time travel stories and, to some extent, I would like to say it shaped my life a little bit. It made me see things from another perspective, maybe a more complicated one, and that's the way I've been thinking ever since. Maybe I wouldn't like any of the things I like today had I never watched it, so I will be forever grateful for Back to the Future.

2. Contact. By now you can probably guess I was no ordinary child. Time travel, outer space, life beyond our frontiers...that's what I liked back then, and that's what I like now. You can say I half-skipped my childhood but that's the way my brain has always worked. Contact made me fall in love with our universe, and it made me think of all the posibilities science can bring in the future. All the things we might not be aware of, but might still be there, somewhere. (spoiler ahead: that "hours of recorded static" scene was stuck in my head for years).

[Fun fact before we move on, the director of all 3 Back to the Future movies and Contact is the same: Robert Zemeckis. Thank you, Robert.]

3. Anastasia. While everyone loved Disney movies (like I said, that came later on in life for me) I was obsessed with Anastasia. The story is obviously darker and more interesting to my younger self, I guess. I was enchanted by the 'Once Upon a December' scene (and song), and music boxes became an obsession for me ever since.

4. The Swan Princess. Another one that has stuck with me all my life, and maybe part of the reason why I love The Swan Lake; If you didn't know, it's the same story, essentially. Not many people knew about it, and I still don't think that many people do, but I've been watching it ever since (it's on Netflix, if you want to give it a go).

5. Mary Poppins. Both my sister and I loved it, and we watched it all the time. It's not your typical Disney film because it's not fully animated (it does include some animations), but the story and the music made us love it. I secretly wished Mary would show up at out door every time my mother hired a nanny, and I imagined what adventures she would take us on. Also, always wanted to snap my fingers and have my room tidy itself.

Did you also like any of these movies? What were your favorites? Let me know in the comments, ot tweet me @LuMontes if that seems easier.

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