Tomorrowland | Thoughts + Review


For a movie based on a theme park ride, Tomorrowland is pretty good. Don't get me wrong, there are many things I didn't like about it, and many I would have tweaked a little; but, overall, Tomorrowland was entertaining and a great movie to watch with the whole family. Although it won't amaze you, there is something for everyone in the movie, and the humor is fairly good too.


Tomorrowland is a Disney movie, and it shows. There are many things that would have had a lot more impact on a broader audience had they been darker, but the magic making company isn't known for that and it wouldn't fit with its audience. That is what I like the least about it. The potential on the topic is great, but it all comes down to a good adventure story with a (spoiler alert, but not really) hopeful ending. 


What would I have done differently? As a science fiction fan, I would have gone much more into the science of time travel, travel within dimensions, alternate timelines... even the mechanics on robots and the importance of A.I. (which is barely touched as a humanity trait on robots, but it doesn't go past that). I also think there was an organic opportunity to talk about the future of humanity in a different way but, then again, it is a Disney movie designed for a younger audience who aren't really looking to watch movies with philosophical and thought provoking content. 

If you look at it with the eyes of who this movie is for, then it's a good movie. I've heard mixed reviews but most people who didn't like it were focusing on their personal preference and not on the target audience (which they aren't). 

The highlight for me was Raffey Cassidy who plays Athena. Even though she's the youngest from the main cast, she completely outshines George Clooney and Britt Robertson. Her character has a lot of importance in the film and her scenes are great (she gets the best action stunts). I would even say Tomorrowland it's worth watching just because of her; I mean, who doesn't love a young breakout star?