How to deal with the fear of missing out - FOMO explained

fomo fear of missing out

I sometimes hate social media. Most of the time I love it, and it's brought many good things into my life, as weird as that sounds, but sometimes that feeling of being close to something yet so far away can make me feel uncomfortable, even angry, and sad.

The fear of missing out is that feeling we get when we see other people do things we aren't doing but we wish we were. Maybe we want to because it's something we enjoy, but sometimes it's just the fear of missing out that makes us want to be there too. Take that feeling of all your friends except you being at a party and telling you all about it the morning after to a whole new level, and you get FOMO. 

Social media can bring us all together, or apart. This new culture of telling everyone what we're doing, buying, and seeing constantly is creating a whole new set of emotions. It's very easy to get frustrated when you see people on your feed having a good time at your favorite band's concert while you're just sitting at home. Maybe it's everyone talking about how sunny is on their side of the world that makes you want to book a plane ticket asap so you can be there too. Maybe it's seeing everyone get the new iPhone that makes you feel like your phone is the worst, when in reality it might be just what you need. 

You may feel like you're missing out on so many things, but people have always been doing those things. It's the idea that you're reading about it that makes you feel like that. 

Getting away from social media every once in a while can make you appreciate what you have, so next time you're feeling FOMO, delete those apps for a while and try to live your life without thinking about what everyone else is up to.