If I could time travel

Time travel

I have loved time travel stories ever since I first watched 'Back To The Future' when I was 7 or 8 years old. My mother still talks about how I understood it so easily and kept talking about it for days. None of my friends had seen it and it wasn't the typical movie a kid wants to watch, but my taste in movies and tv shows has always been different from the norm, especially as I was growing up.

A lot of people, when asked if they would choose to travel in time, say no. I don't understand why: if you get the chance to know more, why deny that oportunity? 

If I could time travel, I would choose to go to the future. I am a science lover, and I get curious about how fast society is progressing. I wonder how science and technology will affect the lives of the people living 200 or 500 years from now. Travelling in time would be an amazing experience I wouldn't know how to reject. 

What about going back in time? Although I would love to live some time periods myself, we have a lot of information about those times. It's already happened. We have books, letters, photography, even pieces of film. If I had a time machine I would definitely take a trip back in time at some point, but it wouldn't be my first option.

I don't know if the amount of time I spend thinking about time travel, and what I'd do if it were an option, is odd, but I love thinking about the posibilities. My imagination is always a step before me, and I am not going to hold it back.

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