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The One I Love movie poster review

I would have never watched this film if it weren't for Jon Negroni. I listen to his 'Now Conspiring' podcast every week and I usually agree with his criteria when it comes to judging and liking movies. He had mentioned 'The One I Love' for about two weeks before I decided I should give it a go.

If you try to look up what 'The One I Love' is about, you won't find what it really is about. It's one of those movies you have to watch till the end to know what it is about, and if someone were to tell you, they would spoil it for you.

The premise is a couple who decide to go on a weekend getaway to sort their relationship problems. If I read that alone, I'm not watching it. It sounds like your typical romantic film, and I'm tired of them. They're all the same to me. But this movie is not what you expect.

The main male character is played by Mark Duplass, who also stars in 'Safety Not Guaranteed'. Both movies have a similar feel although the plot is completely different, but if you watch them, you will know what I mean. The main female character is played by Elisabeth Moss, which I didn't know anything about until now, but she stars in 'Mad Men'. I clearly have to start watching that.

You might be wondering: okay, so what's with this movie? Is it worth watching? My answer is yes. I loved the plot and it's very unique compared to anything I've seen before. The actors are good and, most importantly, believable. You will like them or you will hate them, but you will have an opinion.

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